English Bulldog stud services may cause nausea, mood change, sensitive nipples, swelling in the stomach region, increased appetite, tired feeling and labor pains, can cause whelping after 63 days.

 Call your Veterinarian or get medical help if you develop any of these signs or symptoms  

Lets add to your already beautiful family!

We are looking to make beautiful, healthy and happy babies!

 We want nothing more then to bring the joy we have with our English babies to other families! This breed loves fiercely and is completely loyal to the ones they call FAMILY. 

About Diesel


November 2016


Diesel has always been sweet and has a genital temperament.  He thinks he is still a 5lbs baby... He has a big heart and old soul.

Such a stud

Diesel is AVAILABLE!!!! 

For all your studly needs, Look no further! Diesel is amazing in every sense of the word.

Stud Fee

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