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A little bit about English Bulldogs,


Devoted, obedient and patient, without fail, the Bulldog has remained a favorite animal companion throughout the years. Always willing to please, the Bulldog yet preserves its own independent brand of stubbornness, keeping its own counsel once making up its mind to do so.

The Bulldog is highly appreciated for its patience and affection with children, making them excellent family pets.  The breed is compatible with most household pets. The Bulldog is actually a comical, kind, and charming animal.

Our Family

   We have owned and loved English Bulldogs for over 8 years! Our first fur baby came to us by chance and we have never loved any other breed so much. Our English Bulldogs have always been amazing additions to our family and have become the perfect best friends and siblings to our skin babies!



   After bull baiting was banned in 1835, a new chapter began for the Bulldog. Although the Bulldog lost much of its popularity because of the end of the fighting, there were still those who appreciated the breed for its devotion and fortitude. Ardent Bulldog enthusiasts rescued the breed from what appeared certain extinction, encouraging its most attractive physical and characteristic features, while replacing its ferociousness with a gentle and docile disposition. The dog maintains its ferocious tenacity in the face of danger however, fighting to the death, if necessary, in the protection of family. These qualities, altogether, make the Bulldog a very popular and friendly dog. 

    Today, with its clownish and amiable personality, it has also become a favorite among American pet owners, and a favorite of institutions throughout the world, who use the Bulldog as a mascot to denote their own strength in the face of adversity and battle. They include the United Kingdom, the U.S. Army, Navy, and Marine Corps, and hundreds of businesses, schools, universities and sport 


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